IMG_7228 (1)

Rhett Butler MFF

Quite Easy I / Rotspon / Cartier R

1 mo
Expect to mature 16.2 - 16.3 hh
Amazing, personable personality and sweet nature. Curious, fast learner. Very correct with a nice trot and super well balanced canter. Could go either way - derbies, jumpers, hunters. 


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Unicron MFF

Grey Top I/Great Pleasure/Best of Luck xx
Siblings jumping to 1.30 m
1 mo
Expect to mature to 16.3+ hh
Very easy, correct, big colt by Grey Top. Quality mover that could find success in any of the three rings. Can't overstate enough: simple, easy minded, calm.

IMG_8026 (1)

Bachelor MFF

Canturano Z/Findus/Indoctro/Nimmerdor

1 mo
Expect to mature around 16.2 hh
Correctly built, balanced colt that shows promise towards the jumpers or hunters. Should be a careful, leg-on ride if he takes after his sire or dam. 



Bacchus MFF

Carambole / Bliss MF / Voltaire / Abantos / Ronald
2 mo
Expect to mature around 16.1 hh
Comically personable colt, always in your pocket and always into everything. Bright blue eyes, flat-kneed trot, incredible hunter prospect to the discerning show home.
$18000 obo


Nordic MFF

Clinton II x No More Vows xx

6 yo
16.2 hh
Previously started undersaddle, will need to be restarted
Vets with asterisks, inquire for more details
$7500 obo


Rha'ella MFF

Balt'Amour/Cavallo Star

7 yo
16.0 hh
Previously well started undersaddle WTC. Ready to be restarted. 
Vets cleanly. 



Undeniable MFF

aka Gloria June
Credence TSH/Cathalido 

10 yo
17.2 hh
Recently back undersaddle, extremely easy to start and ride. "Bombproof" is a good description for her. 
Vets, but does have old scars to be aware of. 



Notoriety MFF

Balou du Rouet/Credence TSH/Cathalido
6 yo
16.2 hh
Previously WT undersaddle, ready to be restarted in the fall after her foal is weaned. Free board included until weaning. 
Vets cleanly.




Kona KF

Cartier R/Ronansact xx

9 yo
16.2 hh
Half-brother Just for Fun KF "A" show Circuit Champion as a hunter on the West Coast.