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Notoriety MFF

And In-Utero Foal by Faustino de Tili
Gender: Mare

Born: 2018

Pedigree: Balou du Rouet/Credence TSH/Cathalido/Calido I

Dam line: Stamm 776

Riding experience: Lightly started undersaddle, can be restarted after foaling

Foaling Date: April 2024

Sire of Foal: Faustino de Tili (Berlin/Darco/Laudanum) - Jumped to 1.60 m

Soundness: Mare vets cleanly, as does prior foal

Temperament: Very willing, kind and sweet temperament. 

Suitability to Sport: Moderately scopey with excellent front end technique. Hunts the jumps, but stays careful in the process. Rhythmic canter, elastic in her stride adjustability and use of back. Can be restarted after foaling.

Low-Mid to Mid 5-Figures

In-Utero Foal

By Grey Top out of Zadira
Gender: Undetermined

Born: 2024

Pedigree: Grey Top/Great Pleasure/Best of Luck

Foaling Date: April 2024

Sire of Foal: Grey Top (Graf Top I/Singular Joter I/Calypso II) - Jumped to 1.60 m

Dam of Foal: Zadira (Great Pleasure/Best of Luck) - Brings elasticity, range of shoulder, big shoulder, carefulness, forwardness

 Low-Mid 5-Figures

In-Utero Foal

Out of Olyvia MFF by Canturano I Z 
Gender: Unknown

Pedigree: Canturano I Z/Findus/Indoctro/Nimmerdor

Foaling Date: April 2024

Sire of Foal: Canturano I (Canturo/Coriano/Ahorn Z) - Jumped to 1.45 m

Dam of Foal: Olyvia MFF (Findus/Indoctro/Nimmerdor) - Lightly started undersaddle, she is extremely willing and easy with a high degree of both willingness and carefulness over fences

Soundness: Olyvia and her siblings have all vetted cleanly

Temperament (of dam): Extremely willing, as have her sister and dam been. Unbelievably easy to start due to her natural suitablity to the tasks, her willingness and desire to please, and her enjoyment of jumping, hacking out, and generally being ridden. (Dam will be restarted after foaling; she is not for sale)

Suitability to Sport (of dam): Extremely careful and scopey over fences. She loves to jump, but approaches the jumps with caution. Front and hind end technique are both excellent, as is her bascule and general use of back. 

 Low-Mid 5-Figures

Nefertiti MFF

And In-Utero Foal by Carambole
Gender: Mare

Born: 2018

Pedigree: Bliss MF/Voltaire/Abantos/Ronald

Dam line: Fortuna

Foaling Date: April 2024

Sire of Foal: Carambole (Cassini I/Concerto/Sir Shostakovich) - Jumped to 1.60 m

Soundness: Nefertiti and prior foal (Sazerac MFF) have vetted cleanly. Nefertiti also has a 104 D-OC score, and dam Sabantha Fortuna has a D-OC of 108!

Temperament: Sporty, like a ferarri. Sensitive. Professional ride. 

Suitability to Sport: Extremely scopey, extremely careful, extremely quick. Hunts the jumps, but has the adjustability, scope and carefulness to balance it. 10/10 jumper that would be happy in the big classes with the right rider. Can be restarted after foaling.

Riding experience: Was briefly walked and trotted undersaddle before in-foal 

Performance: BWP-NAD and Young Horse Show top scorer. Extremely brave, extremely careful, extremely good hind end technique. BWP-NAD score for Free Jumping was 89 this year, a record for both this year and prior years!  

 Low-Mid 5-Figures