August 29th, Mane on Fire Farm LLC hosted a BWP-NAD Keuring judged by the one and only Boudewijn Schepers. Impressively, Nefertiti MFF (Bliss/Voltaire) and Nightingale MFF (Toronto/Cambridge) earned first places for all of the BWP-NAD Keurings in North America! Nefertiti MFF earned a flooring 89 for Free Jumping, tying for first place, and Nightingale MFF earned an 86 – and an E-label – for her impressive conformation and movement in the 3-6 Year Old Mares division.

Nefertiti MFF, Bliss/Voltaire, showing off her carefulness and scope in the free jumping.

Mares were split into two classes, the 3-6 Year Old Mares inspection, and Free Jumping. The 3-6 yo Mares Class is intended to determine a horse’s worthiness for the “E-Label”, which is earned when a mare has sufficiently high scores for her conformation. Judge Schepers commented most closely about the importance of suitability to sport when evaluating the mares’ conformation and movement. The Free Jumping class is as it sounds; it’s mostly for fun and to get feedback about each horse’s jumping strengths – a useful consideration when picking appropriate crosses out. The scores were as follows –

The soft eye of Nightingale MFF, Toronto/Cambridge

  • Nefertiti MFF, Bliss MF/Voltaire, Fortuna dam line
    • 3-6 yo Mares: score 80, E-Label earned. Comments: very good walk, supple trot.
    • Free Jumping: score 89. Comments: good supple canter, very quick in take off. +++ technique and bascule and willingness. Tied for first in North America!
  • Notoriety MFF, Balou du Rouet/Credence/Cathalido, stamm 776
    • 3-6 yo Mares: score 83, E-Label earned. Comments: good expression, good strong hindquarters, supple trot with good impulse
    • Free Jumping: score 88. Comments: Very quick off the ground.
  • Nightingale MFF, Toronto/Cambridge/Lacapo, out of a 1.60 m mare
    • 3-6 yo Mares: score 86, E-label earned. Comments: very good conformation – frame, very good supple walk with long strides and suppleness + trot – correct legs. First in all of North America!
    • Free Jumping: score 82. Comments: good strong canter, very good willingness and overview.
  • Olyvia MFF, Findus/Indoctro/Nimmerdor
    • 3-6 yo Mares: score of 84, E-label earned. Comments: good type, supple walk, and good trot. E-Label earned.
    • Free Jumping: score 86. Comments: good canter, super technique and bascule, good scope.

Carefulness and scope for Olyvia MFF, Findus/Indoctro/Nimmerdor

Mane on Fire Farm was thrilled to host BWP-NAD this year, and plans to add BWP Keurings to the annual lineup with another Keuring in 2024.