Mane on Fire Farm opted for a different breeding calendar this year. Rather than determing ahead of time WHO had to produce a foal for 2024, we chose a handful of fun crosses with a plan to stop when we reached two pregnancies. Afterall, telling the mares they *must* get pregnant never seems to work out well.

So, the season began according to plan. First, we cycled all the mares together. Half of the mares were inseminated on the first cycle, the other half two weeks later on the second cycle. But that second week the pregnancy checks also began, with no less than FOUR mares checking in foal! And the other half of the mares still to check! The following twin check had another THREE mares in foal!

With a bumper crop expected, Mane on Fire is doing something usual – offering some of our foals for sale in-utero. Inquire about In-Utero Colt Options as well, for any of these coming foals.

Nefertiti MFF (Bliss/Voltaire/Abantos/Ronald, Fortuna dam line), expecting a foal by Carambole (Cassini I/Concerto/Sir Shostakovich xx).

Carambole has jumped to 1.60 m, with a reputation of producing willing, easy foals that are longer lined than their dams. Nefertiti scored a jaw-dropping 89 for Free Jumping in the 2023 BWP-NAD Keuring, with notable comments from the judge regarding her impressive quickness, technique, bascule, and willingness. This resulted in first place for all of North America for BWP-NAD Keuring 2023.

This will be a full sibing to 2022 foal, Sazerac MFF. Fingers crossed for a filly!

Notoriety MFF (Balou du Rouet/Credence/Cathalido/Calido I/Corrado I/Carthago I, stamm 776), expecting a foal by Faustino de Tili (Berlin/Darco/Laudanum xx).

Faustino can brag, as he has experience to 1.60 m. Notoriety recently scored an impressive 88 for Free Jumping and 83 for 3-6 yo Mares’ conformation/movement in the 2023 BWP-NAD Keuring.

Olyvia MFF (Findus/Indoctro/Nimmerdor), expecting a foal by Canturano I (Canturo/Coriano/Ahorn Z).

Canturano brings experience to 1.45 m with a pedigree packed full of 1.60 m horses. Olyvia MFF just impressed at the BWP-NAD Keuring, bringing home an 86 in the free jumping and 84 for 3-6 yo Mares’ conformation and movement.

This foal is being offered for sale in-utero.

(Scarlett) O’Hara MFF (Rotspon/Cartier R), expecting a foal by the legendary hunter sire Quite Easy I (Quidam/Landgraf I/Capitano).

Quite Easy also boasts a career jumping to 1.60 m. Hunter runs strongly in this family, and dam Scarlett brings the movement to pin at the top of the hack.

Scarlett’s uncle through her dam, Just for Fun KF (Great Pleasure), has swept the ribbons on the West Coast in the Green Hunters. He’s brought home unnumbered Champion ribbons so successfully that he earned a Hunter Sport predicate with KWPN-NA in the process.

Zadira (Great Pleasure/Best of Luck) has been crossed with Grey Top (Graf Top I/Singular Joter I/Calypso II).

Grey Top, who has jumped to 1.50 m, comes from old and valuable breeding lines. Zadira’s elasticity and range through the shoulder, as well as carefulness and quickness, should prove the ideal cross to Grey Top.

Zadira already has two offspring to 1.30 m.

This foal is being offered for sale in-utero.

Telvera (Matterhorn/Expert) has been crossed to Canturo (Cantus/Calando/Landego).

Canturo has jumped to 1.60 m, and features elasticity and range through the shoulder. Should these qualities cross to Telvera as they have in the past, we hope to see a something similar to the 5* eventer, Zenshera, or 1.60 m jumper, Banjo Boy, that Telvera has produced previously. Telvera herself also jumped to 1.30 m.

Undercover, aka Kroket, Indoctro/Calvados was crossed to Glasgow vh Merelsnest (Nabab/Darco/Hedjaz).

Glasgow has jumped to 1.65 m with great success! Undercover herself jumped to 1.45 m, and she has already produced a son, Mad Money TW (Zirocco Blue), that is successful to 1.30 m – as a 6-yo!

Undercover’s 2023 foal, Tzarina MFF (Chilli Willi), won both the 2023 KWPN-NA hosted by Mane on Fire Farm LLC for Best Jumper Foal and Best Overall Jumper. Tzarina also placed 3rd overall for North America in the Jumper Foal Futurity and 4th overall for North America for all Jumper Foals.