→ 1.45 m Jumper

→ B. 2000

→ 16.2 1/2 hh

→ Dutch Warmblood

→ Sport, Keur, Ster Predicates with KWPN

→ Oldest 4 Offspring Jumping 1.30 m – 1.60 m

Ramiro Z
Expert Le Mexico
Wodka Lady

Telvera, known as Cat Woman in her heyday, was quite successful to 1.45 m in sport, including winning a $25,000 Grand Prix in Florida!

In addition to her success in sport, the four of her offspring that are 6 years old or over are already in active competition. Zenshera (Guidam) is currently competing in five star eventing, Banjo Boy (Sjapoo) has jumped internationally to 1.60 m, Jayda (Cisco) moved up to the 6-Year-Old Young Jumpers this year with blue ribbons clinched already, and Amigo (Voltaire) has jumped to 1.30 m.

Her pedigree is an interesting read, as she has so much historic blood to work with. Nimmerdor, Ramiro, Le Mexico, Ladykiller xx, Amor, and Inschallah xx all appear within the first 5 generations. These old names provide the solid base from which her success in both the breeding shed and arena have sprung.




Produced a foal (Zenshera by Guidam)


Produced a foal (Amigo by Voltaire)


Produced a foal (Banjo Boy by Sjapoo)


Imported to US


7-8 Year Old Young Jumpers Qualifier, 1.30-1.35 m, 3rd

7-8 Year Old Young Jumpers Qualifier, 1.30-1.35 m, 1st


Monmouth, Open Jumper, L4, 1st o/o 31

Monmouth, Open Jumper, L4, 3rd o/o 33

Kentucky, Open Jumper, 1.30 m, 3rd o/o 13

Blue Grass Festival, Open Jumper, 1.30 m, 3rd o/o 16


WEF 4 – $2000 Time First Jump Off – 1.30 m – 6th o/o 45

WEF 4 – $2500 Time First Round – 1.35 m – 7th o/o 31

WEF 5 – $2500 Time First Round – 1.35 m – 6th o/o 42

Blue Grass Festival – Open Jumper – 1.30 m – 1st o/o 30


WEF 3 – $2500 Time First Round – 1.35 m – 10 o/o 27

WEF 4 – $2500 Time First Jump Off – 1.35 m – 4 o/o 28

WEF 7 – $6000 Spy Coast Farm Time First Jump Off – 1.40 m – 17 o/o 85

Plain Brown Wrapper H/J – $25,000 Grand Prix – 6th o/o 19 won $7500

Plain Brown Wrapper H/J – $25,000 Grand Prix – 1st o/o 19 won $1250

Gallop in the Glen II – $5000 GK Performance Welcome Stake – 7th o/o 22


Ocala Masters – 1.30m Championship – 1.30 m – 1st o/o 37

Ocala Masters – $1000 Level 6 Jumper – 1.30 m – 1st o/o 34

Sires of Note

Telvera’s pedigree is excellent in part because many of the stallions we like to see in a pedigree are ideally located for linebreeding to, either in Telvera’s crosses or those with her offspring.

With this insight in mind, I’d like to point out the 1.60 m jumper Ahorn Z (Nimmerdor/Ladykiller xx). Illustrious international career aside, several of his offspring jumped to international heights – including Ursula XII (3rd, World Cup Finals, 2004), Dublin, Feizal, and Ivor. In addition to this, he brings in Nimmerdor (jumped to 1.60 m) and Ladykiller xx (sire of Lord and Landgraf I) both of which are excellent progenitors of blood and boldness. This provides an excellent anchor to breed back to in future generations.

Also on top through her sire Matterhorn, we find Ramiro Z (Raimond/Cottage Son xx), as in the Ramiro that founded the “R” sire line with sons such as Roman, Rigoletto, Ronald, and Raimond. He also jumped to 1.60 m before producing international competitors such as Rebel I, II, and II Z and Ratina Z! Ratina Z you may recognize either from the breeding shed (producing Comme il Faut!) or from her superstar career, winning the World Cup Finals, the European Championships, the Grand Prix of Aachen, individual Olympic Silver, double Olympic Team Gold, Team Gold at the WEG, and twice team gold at the European championships. To quote The Holsteiner Horse, “(Ramiro’s) progeny were very uniform, true-to-type and of good character, were trustworthy and easy to ride. Raimond sired well over 120 daughters who were held in high esteem, especially when they were out of Thoroughbred mares.” He became known as an excellent progenitor of type and conformation.

Le Mexico produced solid horses substance and strength, deep chests and curved ribs. Despite passing away young, he produced several international competitors including Lucinda, Opstalan’s Peckwush, and Fliegette of Noordland.

I will let the words of Johan Hamminga speak of Amor; “Amor was a very nice stallion with a long neck, for that time, he was so modern – even today when you see in the dam line, Amor, it is much valued. They are very sound. Amor was a difficult horse, like Jazz now, but when you trust the horse, and the horse trusts you, it’s okay. The Amors were so hard, so good in the constitution, so good in the legs – never lame, never. They have a high tolerance of pain… he was a very important stallion for us.”

Of Inschallah, a large-framed horse with enormous gaits, he produced more rounded movement and knee action than previous horses of the time had. He was also known for his excellent, kind temperament and tendency to pass it on, so he became enormously influential in dressage circles as an alternative to some of the other excellent moving but poor tempered stallions of the time. In fact, his offspring brought in almost a million DM – in a time when a million dollars was a large fortune!


fokfamilie 1799 may not be a familiar mareline, but it should be. Aside from Telvera’s 1.45 m jumping record, and the incredible 1.60 m, 5***** eventing, records of her offspring, her half-brother Edison (No Limit) also jumped to 1.45 m.




→ b. 2004

→ sire: Guidam (Quidam de Revel)

→ 5 * Eventing in Europe




→ b. 2005

→ sire: Voltaire

→ Shown to 1.30 m jumpers, momma’s boy

Banjo Boy



→ b. 2006

→ sire: Sjapoo (Caretino/Come On)

→ International 1.60 m




→ b. 2014

→ sire: Cisco (Concerto II/Corrado I)

→ Six-Year-Old Jumpers (1.25 m)




→ b. 2016

→ sire: Main Defender (Nintender/Cardento)

Never Forget



→ b. 2018

→ sire: Diamant’s Legacy (Diamant de Semilly/Couleur Rubin)