Young Horse Program

As part and parcel to the breeding of future performance horses, the raising and training of them comes hand in hand. Youngsters from weaning to six years old are regularly handled with a gentle touch, meant to encourage trust in the handler and rider. For the discerning owner, we offer boarding and handling services for their young prospect. Training is also available, with young horses getting started undersaddle in the fall. To read more about what prospects we currently have on the farm, visit our Prospects page

Retirement Program

The foundation of our breeding program is founded in mares with long, successful show careers and quality bloodlines. Coupled with our embryo transfer program, this puts us in a unique position to accept aged, retirement-ready show mares into our breeding program. Our program trades sunset years in green pastures for a handful of embryos. Mares must have competed at the rated level well into their teens and have a known identity with her breed registry of birth. If you feel your mare may be well suited towards retirement with us, reach out to us anytime! To check out some of the mares in this program, visit our Broodmares’ page!

Embryo Transfer Program

As a side effect of the retirement program, we have branched out into embryo transfers. Our recipient mares are selectively chosen for exceptional fertility and youth, and by carrying the load, offer a reduced burden on the body of an aging mare. We will occasionally offer for sale an implanted embryo, and hope to offer vitrified (frozen) embryos in the not-so-distant future. Keep tuned for further developments!