YOB: 2004

Height: 16.2 hh

Color: Bay

Breed: Holsteiner

Breed Approvals: AHHA

Genetic Testing: WFFS N/N; D-OC Results Pending

Ulrike is by Cathalido/Calido I/Corrado I/Moltke I, and is also of the Holsteiner Stamm 776. Ulrike herself is a powerful mare that exudes presence, both through her elastic movement on the ground and her power and bascule over fences. She has a gorgeous, rhythmic, powerful canter and a fantastic, kind temperament. Her offspring have also shown great temperaments with excellent rideability, power, and grace. She has produced three fillies to date, with the youngest, Undeniable MFF, just now three years old and the oldest already accumulating ribbons in the Green Working Hunters. Undeniable produced a gorgeous filly by Balou du Rouet this year, Notoriety MFF. This granddaughter of Ulrike will be one to watch in the coming years!

It is safe to say Ulrike has had the deck stacked in her favor as a prepotent broodmare!


Calido I
Ilona XV Carthago
Pauletta Calido I Cantus
Corrado I
Ira II


Stamm 776 is one of the world’s leading stamm lines, having produced Sporthorses unnumbered. Just a few examples of the stallions from this line:

  • Acorado I and Acorado II
  • Lordanos
  • Ramiro Z

And the competitive sporthorses from her direct mareline (3 mares back):

  • Hoya (Granddam)
    • Conte Della Caccia (Canturo) – Jumped to 1.60 m
    • Canturada (Canturo) – 1.45 m
    • Concerado (Concerto II) – 1.40 m
    • Meike I (Concerto II)
      • Astras (Acorado I) – 1.60 m
      • Acoretto II (Acorado I) – L6 (USA)
    • Quirada (Quick Nick)
      • Haya Della Caccia (Acolord) – 1.40 m
    • Carlos DZ-Corrado (Carlos DZ) – 1.45 m
  • Orama (Ronald)
    • Lord Incipit (Lord) – 1.50 m
    • Operette Incipit (Lord Calando)
      • Opera Incipit (Candillo) – L5, USA
      • Quicpit Zwo (Quick Star) – L7, USA
      • Quincipit (Quick Star) – 1.40 m
  • Tatajana 56 (Lorenz) – 1.40 m
  • Zerita (Landgraf I)
    • Hyacinte (Calando I)
      • M-Catalania DVL (Cassini I) – L7, USA
      • Sly (Ahorn) – 1.60 m
      • Bijou (Chin Chin) – L7, USA

Sires of Note

Stamm 776 is particularly renowned in the breeding community, widely accepted as being #1 worldwide for production of sporthorses. In her immediate mareline alone, there are no less than 14 horses that have shown at 1.30 m or higher. It is known most especially for the rideability and work ethic it imbues into its offspring; qualities which Ulrike both possesses and passes on to her progeny.

Sire Cathalido (Calido I/Carthago) is a gorgeous boy that jumped to 1.60 m in Europe and continued competing in the open jumpers after importation into the US. He is said to add a lovely, more modern type and easy, amateur friendly brains on his offspring and be particularly valuable as a broodmare sire. This makes sense, as Carthago comes through Cathalido’s dam and is particularly renowned as a broodmare sire. In terms of genetics, this means Cathalido (and Ulrike) could have inherited the same sex-gene “X” that Carthago passed on to his daughter! At his performance test, Carthago earned a 9.5 for free jumping and a 10 for jumping talent. He then competed successfully to 1.60 m. He is ranked #24 on the German FN by the Jumping TSP (performance of his offspring in sport) Index with 149 points and a 98% certainty, and #71 on the WBFSH list for Show Jumping Sires.

Damsire Calido I is Cantus/Coriander/Roman which means he carries and interesting doubling of the Holsteiner Roman, who was a cross between an Anglo-Arabian and an old-type Holsteiner mare. Calido I had this utterly gorgeous canter/gallop, rhythmic, rounded, and he jumped smoothly and effortlessly like it was just another stride of his canter. For Ulrike, the doubling of Calido I has brought with it that gorgeous topline, presence, and canter/gallop that Calido I had. She also passes these qualities on prepotently to her offspring. Calido I is #70 on the WBFSH Show Jumping Sires ranking, and #28 on the HorseTelex Jumper Sires ranking. He is the sire of the very interesting Coupe de Coeur, who jumped to 1.60 m and earned over 550,000 euros in a variety of Nations Cups, World Cups, and Grand Prixs!

Corrado I scored 10s for his free jumping and jumping ability / training at his performance test, along with an 8 for rideability. He ended with a jumping score of 137, the highest of his year and finished 3rd overall. He went on to jump 1.60 m with a great deal of success including winning two World Cup Qualifiers and the German Championship of 1994. His success as a sire is no less than this, with his son Clinton placing fourth at the Olympics in Athens. Clinton ranks #25 on the 2017 WBFSH Jumper Sires Ranking and, in turn, has gone on to sire Cornet Obolensky, who is at #4 on the same WBFSH list. Corrado I is also a great broodmare sire; his legacy of excellence lives on through his daughters, who have sired stallions including Diarado, Quirado, and Cachas.


Undeniable MFF

Height: 17.1 hh

Color: Bay

Breed: Holsteiner

Breed Approvals: KWPN

Genetic Testing: WFFS N/N, D-OC Results Pending

Undeniable (“June”) is by Credence TSH (Chicardo, Acobat II, Landgraf I) and out of Ulrike (Cathalido/Calido I/Corrado I). She is also a Stamm 776 mare, a mareline particularly renowned for its production of sporthorses, with no less than 14 horses jumping 1.30 m+ in her direct mareline. In addition, June has two half sisters out of dam Ulrike that have found success in the 3’and 3’3″ Green Working Hunters already! June and her family characteristically have big, gorgeous, floaty movement that puts them at the top of the ribbons in the hack. Their canters are big, powerful, very well balanced, and they jump in easy rhythm out of it. June has nice bascule with just enough “look” to keep her jumping well through the years. In terms of disposition, June is that rare unicorn – she is sweet and friendly, a good work ethic, has incredible presence, and the ideal chill hunter ride disposition for an amateur barn. Her conformation is impeccable and without fault; she will finish around 17 hh and has excellent hooves, sufficient bone, a powerfully built shoulder and hip, and a gorgeous topline that is simply unreal. Like I said, Unicorn. She was bred to Balou du Rouet for a 2018 foal; this foal is a filly and will be retained. June will be restarted under saddle for her impending show career after this filly is weaned.


Born: 2009

Sire: Picardo

Brynhilde is a lovely young mare that has seen success in the green hunters. Here she is in the pre-greens, placing second in this class under the guidance of Peter Pletcher.


Born: 2008

Sire: Picardo

Apphia was the first of Ulrike’s offspring, and she has seen success up to the 3’3″ Green Hunters. Here she is ridden by Bitsy Woods in the 3’3″ Green Hunter division.