Pamina VDL

Pamina VDL
Pamina VDL, IBOP

→ b. 1997

→ 16.1 hh

→ Dutch Warmblood (KWPN)

→ KWPN-NA Elite

→ KWPN K-OC 104


Fax I
Ramonaa Koridon xx
Friedhilde II
Jamina Lord Ladykiller xx
Rebel I Z

Pamina is bred Nimmerdor/Lord/Rebel I Z (Ramiro/Alme)/Aldato .. ! Her mareline is no less so remarkable – she has a half brother with mileage to 1.60 m, a full sister with success to 1.35 m. In the last 5 generations of 474a, there are no less than 30 horses that jumped to 1.60 m and 260 horses that jumped to 1.30 m or greater — on HorseTelex alone!

Pamina is a medium-sized mare that shows plentiful blood and careful technique. She is quick and nimble over fences, and moves lightly across the ground on the flat. Crosses to her should bring carefulness, nimbleness, and boldness. Her offspring have been beautiful, correct horses that move lightly across the ground and show plentiful blood over fences.


Sires of Note

Nimmerdor is a Dutch stallion that may be recognizable due to his presence in the pedigrees of Heartbreaker, Don VHP Z, Kannan, Now or Never M, and . In turn, through these sires, he then appears in such sires as Cornet Obolensky (WBFSH #4), Comme il Faut, Comme Prevu, Toronto, Valentino (WBFSH #91), Dulf Van Den Bisschop (WBFSH #39), Toulon (WBFSH #7), and Padinus (WBFSH #44).

Lord (Ladykiller/Cottage Son) jumped to 1.40 m and appears prominently in the pedigrees of Lord Z, Numero Uno, and even more so through mares in for Quaprice Bois Margot, Colman, Clearway, and Chilli Willi. Lord’s sire, Ladykiller, has a lasting legacy as he continues to appear in the pedigrees of great sporthorses and sires, such as Libero H and Landgraf I. These sires, in turn, are familiar because they are the sires or damsires of Numero Uno, Verdi, and Quite Easy. Cottage Son may not sound as familiar, but he the damsire of Lord and Ramiro and the stallion that the Capitol I “C-line” traces back to. If you’re unsure who to attribute to Capitol I, it includes Cassini I and II, Indoctro, and Carthago. Thus, his legacy includes all the Capitol I, Lord, and Ramiro legacies – everything from Imothep to Emerald Van’t Ruyetershof.

Rebel I Z (Ramiro/Alme) is a full brother to Ratina Z, a mare who not only jumped to 1.60 m but then produced stallions Crown Z and Comme il Faut! Rebel I Z and brothers Rebel II and III Z usually appear in the damsire or granddam sire position, proving himself as a great broodmare producer rather than a sireline producer.

Aldato is most easily recognized as the damsire of Landgraf I. With the combination of Aldato and Ladykiller in her pedigree, this provides a strong connection back to Landgraf I.


Pamina is of Stamm 474a, a mareline that has been extremely prosperous. Of Pamina’s immediate siblings, full sister Ramina (Nimmerdor) has jumped to 1.35 m with Jur Vrieling, and brother Titanic VDL (Neckar) has jumped to 1.60 m.

 In the last four generations from Pamina, there are three show jumpers that have ranked in the upper 25% of the rankings – Caramouche, N-Aldato, and ABC Trixi! Also included are a number of well known stallions, including Verdi, Bubalu VDL, Great Pleasure, and the WBFSH ranked Vingino.

Here is a snapshot of the last 5 generations of her mareline, according to the information on Horsetelex –

  • 1.60 m
  • 1.30 m - 1.55 m
  • GP Dressage
  • Other (approx)
Nominee KF

Nominee KF

→ b. 2018

→ sire: Entertainer (Warrant/Corland)

⚡⚡Lumina KF⚡⚡Zapatero x Pamina VDL Elite/Nimmerdor, HOL stamm 474a

Posted by Kimberlee Farms on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Lumina KF

→ b. 2016

→ sire: Zapatero VDL

Some youngsters take a while to show their quality under saddle.... And then there's Kamina KF 🤩🤩 4 year old KWPN-NA mare by Zapatero VDL (Chin Chin) out of Pamina Keur (Nimmerdor/Lord, stamm 474a)

Posted by Kimberlee Farms on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Kamina KF

→ b. 2015

→ sire: Zapatero VDL

→ Elite, Ster, Keur, D-OC, IBOP (KWPN-NA)

Jett Black KF

→ b. 2014

→ sire: Karandasj

Hamina SSF

Hamina SSF

→ b. 2012

→ sire: Lyjanero

→ Ster, Keur (KWPN-NA)



→ b. 2007

→ sire: Corland



→ b. 2005

→ sire: Orame



→ b. 2004

→ sire: Orame



→ b. 2001

→ sire: Orame

→ Ster (KWPN-NA)



→ b. 2001

→ sire: Flemmingh