→ 1.60 m Jumper

→ B. 1998

→ 17.3 hh

→ Holsteiner

→ WFFS, D-OC Predicates with KWPN

Caletto I
Cor de la Bryere
Marlon xx
Fanny IV
Lacapo Landgraf I
Zita XV
Calypso II

Camelita (Cambridge/Lacapo/Calypso II) is a broodmare that competed as a 1.60 m jumper in sport, and has a half-brother out of the same dam that jumped to 1.40 m. Camelita herself is extremely tall with excellent length of leg, length of back and is generally speaking proportional in a modern type. She displays large, elastic movement and a big jump – she is more than sufficient in scope and power, and should cross well with a little refinement as she is 18 hh! In terms of disposition, she is kind and hardworking, and actually did a stint teaching students how to jump in her retirement.

Her pedigree is stacked with jumper sires such as Cambridge, who has sired so many Grand Prix jumpers that 2/3 of his offspring on HorseTelex are in sport! Cambridge then sired a son with an even more remarkable strike rate – 1.60 m jumper Catoki. Almost 25% of Catoki’s offspring listed on HorseTelex are jumping at 1.40 m or greater, and that’s with 32% of his total listed offspring being 7 years old or younger! And yet damsire Lacapo sired the dressage sireline of Flemmingh and Krack C – this makes her a particularly fun broodmare to cross, as her pedigree has both 1.60 m jumper and hunter derby written all over it!

She produced a filly by Toronto in 2018, Nightingale MFF, that inherited Camelita’s canter and power, hinting towards the same capabilities in scope. Her trot comes with a slightly flatter knee and jumping technique with more range through the shoulder and carefulness, but she is otherwise her mother’s clone.


Hamburg-Hummelsbuttel, SPF M-Level (1.25 m), 2nd earning 37 points

Hamburg-Hummelsbuttel, SPF M-Level (1.25 m), 5th earning 25 points


Hamburg-Neuenfelde, SPR M-Level (1.25 m), 7th earning 35 points


Los Angeles International Jumping Festival, 1.40 m, 3rd out of 22

Del Mar International, 1.40 m, 3rd out of 14 and 7th out of 44

Del Mar International – $5000 West Coast Active Riders Prix de Nations

Del Mar Fall Festival I – $25,000 Del Mar Fall Festival I Grand Prix

Los Angeles National, 1.40 m, 5th out of 65


Desert Circuit I, L8 (1.40 m), 2nd out of 7

Desert Circuit I, IHP $25,000 Ariat Grand Prix*

Desert Circuit II, IHP $25,000 Ariat Grand Prix, 7th out of 44

Desert Circuit II, IHP $125,000 Grand Prix

Desert Circuit III, IHP $25,000 Ariat Grand Prix, 8th out of 38

Desert Circuit III, FEI IHP $50,000 Grand Prix

Pickwick Spring, L8 (1.40 m), 1st and 1st and L8 Division Champion

Pickwick Spring, $20,000 Prix d’Pickwick Spring

Golden State Horse Show, L8 (1.40 m), 1st out of 9

Golden State Horse Show, $30,000 Jennifer Marlborough Memorial Grand Prix, 4th out of 28

Pickwick Summer Classic, $20,000 Summer Prix d’Pickwick, 4th out of 36

Pebble Beach Equestrian Classic, IHP $30,000 Pebble Beach Grand Prix 2.2A, 11th out of 31

Los Angeles National, $5,000 P.C.H.A./Jimmy Wiliams Classic, 6th out of 26

Los Angeles National, 1.40 m, 4th out of 29


Desert Circuit I, $50,000 EMO Grand Prix, 5th out of 28

Desert Circuit II, $25,000 Grand Prix, 4th out of 41

Plain Brown Wrapper H/J, $5,000 Welcome Stake Gambler’s Choice, 1st out of 10

Plain Brown Wrapper H/J, $25,000 + Grand Prix, 4th out of 20

Fox Lea Farm November, $25,000 + Grand Prix, 7th out of 22

Wellington 11/25/2009 CSI** 1.50 m Holiday and Horses Opener

Wellington 11/25/2009 CSI** 1.50 m World Cup


Wellington 01/20/2010 CSI** 1.50 m WEF Challenge Cup

Sires of Note

Her sire Cambridge (Caletto I/Marlon) jumped to 1.40 m and almost 2/3 of his offspring on Horsetelex are in sport with the vast majority showing at 1.50 m or greater. These are stunning numbers among stallions today, especially given the number of horses who are sold and their records lost! Cambridge also produced the illustrious Catoki, who is still showing in the 1.60 m jumpers and has gained popularity through the success of not only his offspring in the show jumpers, but also those in the upper level hunters. Going by HorseTelex numbers, Catoki also has more than 2/3 of his offspring in sport with the vast majority showing at 1.50 m or greater! He is currently ranked at #47 on the WBFSH Show Jumping Sires list. Son Chambertin sired Chacco Blue, who has jumped to International Grand Prix Level (1.60 m) and more importantly has proven to an excellent sire. “He has given to the next generation a wonderful technique, front leg technique, and the most obvious thing is the positive attitude to the sport” – Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst, Chacco Blue’s rider. Also sired by Cambridge are Cacique and Caligula II, the former a successful dressage competitor and sire, and the latter equally so with jumpers.

Lacapo (Landgraf I/Capitano) in an interesting addition, especially for a mare that jumped to 1.60 m – bred to the nines for top-level jumping, he made a name for himself through his dressage sire line dynasty via his son Flemmingh, and in turn his grandson, Krack C.

Calypso II is the third sire down, also a household name — perhaps you’ve heard of his son, Contender? Or Maybe his grandsons, Contendro I, Contefino, Clinton I and II, Con Air, Chellano Z? And yet he has been even more prolific in broodmares’ pedigrees, so that today it is arguably harder to find upper level pedigrees without Calypso II than with!

Digging a bit deeper, I don’t believe Caletto I, Marlon or Landgraf need much of an introduction…

Caletto I is not only a Cor de la Byrere son, but one that has established himself as a fantastic producer many generations removed, bringing the potential for blood added without removing bascule or ability. Caletto I and II both are common in the pedigrees of both top competitors and top producers, including Cantus (thus Canturo, Canturano, Calido I), Calvaro Z, and Caretino.

Marlon represents the M-line for Holsteiners, as he was among the thoroughbred additions to the warmblood studbooks in the 1950’s and 60’s, so a spice of blood to the equation.

Landgraf I can be found in many of the top performers today; off the top of my head, Lordan and Verdi NOP come to mind – both international competitors in the top 200 of the rankings at FEI level Grand Prix competitions (1.60 m). His sons include Libero, Burggraaf, and Landadel though his real legacy has perhaps been through the broodmares he has sired and the horses those marelines in turn have produced. His full sister Landgraefin is the dam of Cash His reputation is for producing temperament without taking athleticism away.

Capitano you may recognize vaguely, as he is the sire of Capitol I and thus the sire of the “other” C-line from the Holsteiner sire lines. Members of this noble house include Carolus I, Carthago, Cassini I, Cento, and Indoctro! It is intriguing indeed to see him in this location in the pedigree; perhaps further down a sex-balanced breeding to Capitano will be in order, though I daresay our current mares of this line are in no need of more power!


Camelita’s damline is marked not just by the profound success of its members, but also the intriguing diversity of the sports they are successful in. Great Great Granddam Elita (Fax I/Fandango), despite being by Fax I and bearing three offspring out of show jumping stallions, bore offpsring that showed success up to S Level in Show Jumping and M Level in Dressage! It is also worth noting that despite the relatively small size of this mareline, almost to a member these horses had success in sport.

  • Elita (Fax I) – Great Great Granddam
    • Cobra I (Calypso II) – S Level Show Jumping (1.40 – 1.55 m)
      • Roy Andiamo (Rio Negro) – A Level Dressage
    • Lead On (Levantus) – M Level Dressage, L Level Jumping
    • Leo Classico (Leandro) – L Level Dressage
    • Stern (Frederik) – Great Granddam
      • Aviatk (Aktionar) – S Level Jumping (1.40 – 1.55 m)
        • Collja (Cor de la Bryere) – M Level Jumping (1.25 – 1.35 m)
      • Leandra 46 (Leandro) – M Level Jumping (1.25 – 1.35 m)
      • Zita XV (Calypso II) – Granddam
        • Lalique 27 (Lacapo) – M Level Jumping (1.25 – 1.35 m)
        • Fanny V (Lacapo) – Dam
          • Camelita (Cambridge) – 1.60 m – This Mare
          • Lord Helmchen (Lord Byron) – 1.40 m

  *This data was acquired from the German FN, HorseTelex, USEF, and Hippomundo. No horses in this mareline on record were left out, to the 4th Generation back. 

  • 1.60 m
  • 1.25 m - 1.55 m
  • M-Level Dressage
  • Career Broodmares
  • Other

Nightingale MFF



→ b. 2018

→ sire: Toronto (Now or Never M/Belisar)

→ KWPN D-OC and WFFS-free predicates

→ KWPN-NA First Premium at 2019 Keuring

Fantastic trot and canter with power to spare. Free jumps similarly, ample power and range through the shoulder with plentiful carefulness. Modern and leggy in type, without sacrificing bone or length of back in the process. Good length of neck, fantastic hooves and correct build.