So You Want to Buy A Prospect?

I’m going to start off here assuming you’re no newbie to horses, or even shopping around for a young horse. You’ve probably heard that a horse keeps growing until he’s 6 or 7, and you’re decently aware of the amount of work that goes into a young horse. Heck, you’re probably already excited about it! If you are new to horses, or new to riding, then consider shopping for something that’s not young or green. Find a trainer you trust, and listen to their opinion if they tell you you’re not ready to buy or ride a young horse.

Having said that, there are three qualities that I’ll discuss about the horse you’re shopping for – suitability, capability, and soundness. They are probably the three things you’ve already been thinking about: 1) Is this horse capable of doing the job I want him to do? 2) Is this horse suitable for me in the job that I want him to do? 3) Will this horse stay sound for the whole career that I have in mind for him?

In this four-part article, I’ll discuss each of these components. Click below to check out the next in the series!